PHP 7.1 is now available and the default!

PHP continues to push out new advancements!We've enabled 7.1 and from now on, all new services will be automatically provisioned with the latest and greatest. Please remember, you can pick an alternative version in your cPanel account if you require it. We recommend running PHP 7 or higher for better performing applications.PHP 4.4, 5.1 and 5.2 ... Read More »

22nd Feb 2017
PHP 7.0 is the new default!

Hey there,We've recently made a change to our deployment process that will automatically provision new Shared services with PHP 7.0 as opposed to PHP 5.5.We've made this change since most common PHP-based CMSs and other PHP applications now support the faster and higher performing PHP 7 and are slowly deprecatingolder PHP support. What does this ... Read More »

11th Nov 2016
Anchor Reef - Beta

Anchor Reef has entered into "Beta" status. Please note that continued use of this service and/or products consitutes an agreement to the "Beta - Terms and Conditions"

11th May 2016
Anchor Reef - Alpha

Welcome to Anchor Reef, a new product from Anchor Systems!

30th Mar 2016