Hey there,

We've recently made a change to our deployment process that will automatically provision new Shared services with PHP 7.0 as opposed to PHP 5.5.
We've made this change since most common PHP-based CMSs and other PHP applications now support the faster and higher performing PHP 7 and are slowly deprecating
older PHP support.

What does this mean for existing customers? Nothing has changed however we do recommend that if your application supports PHP 7, that you give it a go and see how your site performs.

You can always select your desired PHP version in your service's cPanel section, by using 'Select PHP Version'.

You will be able to select older versions, toggle modules (only toggle the one's you need for faster performance and stability) and changing common configuration values such as memory_limit* and error_reporting!

*Still subject to our own limitations if your configuration exceeds it. For example, selecting 1G may cause issues as we do not allow your service to utilise it.

Friday, November 11, 2016

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