Beta - FAQ

Q: Why is the site in Beta?

A: We have spent a bit of time to ensure the platform is ready for customers and while every attempt is made to ensure bugs or issues were identified early and rectified as we went along there could still be some things we didn't account for whether it is infrastructure, policy or procedural. We need to run in a test mode environment with customers to ensure everything works as expected or can be fixed if anything requires fixing!

Q: What can I expect from the site being in Beta?

A: Expect the unexpected. Things may go wrong, problems may occur. We are crossing our fingers and poking our developers; the devs say that your experience will be enjoyable and stable!

Q: When will the site be out of Beta?

A: When we (Anchor and our testers!) are satisfied that everything works - procedures, infrastructure and software - and can be considered production ready! When we know, you'll know!

Q: I'd like to beta test!

A: We'd be happy to have you. Please call 1300 883 979 and speak to Customer Service to request access! Terms and Conditions apply.
Q: What are the terms?
  • Email, SSL
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