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Hosting your website on Reef provides you with unlimited storage and bandwidth; but the nature of shared hosting means that other resources - CPU and RAM specifically - are finite and must be shared with others on the platform.

As your site gets busier and/or grows in complexity, you may find that you outgrow the constraints that shared hosting imposes on your business.

Many of our customers use WordPress, and there’s a useful (and free) plugin you can install that tracks the memory usage of your WordPress installation so you can ensure you don’t bump up against the memory (RAM) limits imposed by the platform.

The “Server IP and Memory Usage Display” plugin ( provides the following benefits:

  1. You can easily see in the admin footer the IP of the server upon which this WordPress installation is running. Very useful if you have many WordPress installations across several servers and IP addresses.
  2. The memory usage and total available memory to the WordPress installation is shown in the admin footer. If memory usage is over 75% the percentage is shown in a light red and if the memory usage is over 90% the percentage is shown in red. It also displays the WordPress memory limit to give you more information.
  3. Besides the IP address and the memory you can also see the PHP version and the type of Operating System where it's running.

Once this plugin is installed, you can use it to understand the impact that turning a few knobs will have on your memory usage.

Want to reduce your memory usage? Here’s a few things to try:

  1. Upgrade to a more recent version of PHP
  2. Limit plugin usage. Disable and remove un-necessary plugins
  3. Implement a caching / CDN solution of some description.

Alternatively, if you decide that you simply need more memory than shared hosting platforms can provide then it’s time to upgrade to your very own VPS, Dedicated or Cloud Server setup.

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