Registrant Transfer for .AU domains (Changing the Owner/Registrant)

This article only applies to .AU domains. If you are simply looking to update your emails and not intending to change the eligibility criteria or the current Domain Owner, you do not need to follow these steps as these steps only apply to those situations.

A registrant transfer is not the same as a standard WHOIS update. When a .AU domain is registered, you are required to provide evidence of your eligibility, these can include ABN/ACN (where applicable) and other identification. When a domain is sold and/or a situation arises where the Registrant must be changed, we would need to file a Registrant Transfer request with the auDA.

This requires TWO forms to be completed and they must be completed honestly, clearly and correctly.

There is a cost associated with submitting this request as the request  includes the cancellation and re-registration of the domain. Keeping in mind, that it forfeits the period of time registered prior to re-registration, so you do not get an additional two years of registration or resume your current period - it simply begins as if it was just registered on the day of the registrant being transferred successfully. This cannot be changed.

.AU Registrant Transfer Form - Current Registrant (Transferor) - [Download]
Instructions: The current owner MUST fill this in correctly. You can find the requested details by doing a WHOIS check:

.AU Registrant Transfer Form - New Registrant (Transferee) - [Download]
Instructions: The new owner MUST fill this in correctly. They must provide an eligibility criteria and must be eligibile to hold the domain's license in accordance with the auDA regulations, this governs the issuance of a license to hold the domain. For example, a Pty Ltd company could not hold a .ORG.AU domain and an Individiual Sole Trader, cannot hold a .ASN.AU (Association) domain.

Once both of these documents are completed, the CURRENT owner must submit both documents to us. The fees will be communicated when we receive the documentation prior to processing.
Please note, that if any of the documents are incorrect, it will be knocked back and a resubmission fee of $20 + GST will apply on top of the Registrant Transfer cost. This fee applies each time we require a resubmission as it requires staff time to review, we will provide you with a list of issues that must be addressed in order for the submission to succeed.
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