Existing/Prior Customer: FAQ

Q. Why can't I log in?
A. Anchor Reef is a new system and it will require you to sign up again, even if you have existing domains with us.
This is to ensure all data entered is 100% accurate, consistent and up-to-date.

Q. I've signed up, where are my domains?
A. Please submit a support ticket by clicking 'Open Ticket' above, state what domain(s) are not visible and we will add them to your account for you after we verify your ownership.
If you have over 20 domains, we ask that you only request the domains that are about to expire sooner and/or have received expiry notice(s) for, to add to your account.

Q. Can I pay later and get an invoice?
A. This is no longer possible, payment will need to be made on registration, transfer (if applicable) or renewal using one of our available payment methods.

Q. Why have you switched platforms?
A. We decided a more modern approach was necessary for delivering domain services at the speed that customers have come to expect. This new platform continues to be refined to ensure we exceed customer expectations when it comes to delivering quality domain services.
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